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We began with a passion for silk flowers and wanted to raise the quality of flowers we saw being used and change attitudes towards them. Today of course, silk flowers are widely incorporated in the florist industry and styling. However, our passion as silk florists and venue dressers is to use these amazing flowers to their full potential.

We sourced the best quality flowers and combined them with our fresh florist skills to create both jaw dropping, decadent displays alongside personal gift bouquets. Raising the profile of high quality silk flowers meant any flower arrangement we made, had to be of an equally high standard. Attention to crucial details in understanding how silk flowers are manufactured is vital in order to know how to finish the process when putting arrangements together. Quality silk florists know this as well as many other ways of working with artificial flowers. 

While  many  'ready made' and 'pre-made'  wedding flower collections exist, this didn't fit with our ethos of exclusivity for our clients as we believe each bouquet, arrangement or event display should be tailored individually for you. Your dream. Your character. Your vision. This is why you will not find 'off the shelf' wedding, event or corporate flowers with us.

It was important to us to create a total experience for you, your guests, your company and clearly the next progression for us was to combine our creative design skills beyond flowers. Individually we had attended dinners, weddings, birthdays and brand launches where items such as the flowers, chair decor, stationery,  invites,  welcome signs came from different places.  While the overall look was lovely, at times, the details didn't match perfectly.Creating a total 'in-house' look, with chair decor and stationery was the only way to go. 

Based in the beautiful town of Prestatyn, we cover North Wales and the North West and as our London clients know, we are happy to travel and have designed and created for all occasions from weddings to brand launches, and of course as a florist, continue to create our gift bouquets. 

Florist. Weddings. Events. Silk flowers. Venue styling. Prestatyn. 
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We specialise in lavish, decadent flower arrangements using high grade silk flowers to create bold and beautiful statements bespoke to you from bouquets to event displays.  From elegant and timeless creations to showstopping drama with an abundance of colour and flowers. Our centrepieces and venue decor for your event can also be styled with decorative elements and accessories to complete a sense of  opulence, elegance and luxury.

We take your event using our florist skills from dream to reality by combining floral displays with venue styling and decor to create a total experience for you and your guests.

Of course, the first view of your event is the invitation. We create beautiful,  coordinating invitations including luxury folio invitations and watercolour designs. Your look is then complemented with our wedding and event stationery from seating plans and table numbers to personalised place names. As with our flowers, each is a unique design for you.

If you are looking for a stunning gift bouquet as a thank you or to brighten your home, our silk flower bouquets and hat box arrangements are perfect. And of course, they don't need watering so they will look beautiful week after week.

Florist. Weddings. Events. Silk flowers. Venue styling. Stationery. 
Discover what we can offer.

Styling your event

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Wedding flowers. Wedding bouquet. Bridal flowers. Bouquets. Discover what we can offer you.

  For one of the most important days of your life, our flowers transform your aspiration and vision of your day into decadent arrangements that will reflect you and enchant your guests.From bouquets to centrepieces, each is created exclusively for you.




Venue dressing. Venue Decoration. Event. Flower wall. Arch. Backdrop. Explore what we can offer.

We create a visual impact for your guests at your wedding or event through the use of an abundance of flowers and decorative accessories. Our flower arrangements will enhance your event showcasing the effect you desire.




Venue styling. Venue dressing. Wedding. Event. Flowers. Chair covers. Accessories. Backdrop. arch.

 Our venue styling accessories will complete your look from arches and backdrops to flower walls and chair decor. Our design skills mean we can source and include bespoke pieces to complement the theme or look of your wedding and event. 


Bouquets & Boxes


Corporate events. Brand launch styling. Business decorations. Brand identity. Brand awareness.

From flowers to welcome your customers, to brand launches and product awareness, we work with you to showcase your brand identity.

Bouquets & Boxes

Bouquets & Boxes

Bouquets & Boxes

Flowers. Gifts. Bouquets. Hat boxes. Artificial flowers. Silk flowers.

We create flower arrangements for any occasion from birthdays to anniversaries and thank you flowers including wrapped bouquets and flower filled boxes.


Bouquets & Boxes

Bouquets & Boxes

Stationery. Invitations. Table plans. Place names. Table numbers. Discover our range today.

Our stationery compliments and coordinates with your wedding or event. Each is uniquely designed for you from folio and watercolour invitations to seating plans, table numbers and personalised place names.

Guide to choosing your silk florist

We know this is lengthy, but it's worth a read at least once we promise.

You should expect your silk florist to be like a builder! Really?

Well you'd expect a builder to only use industry standard materials that are made for the job.You'd expect them to understand what you wanted and then use their skills to tailor their work to you. You'd expect that work to last and you'd hope they have insurance. Not such a stretch then.

It's the same with your silk florist.

In our years of experience now, we have seen the good, the bad and the downright amazing in silk floral design and these are just a few tips on taking that little extra time to choose the best silk florist for you.

And that's the first point...choose the best silk florist for you.

For  your wedding, a quality silk florist will work with you to make bridal flowers that are just right for you. You may have an idea of what you'd like and probably boards and boards of Pinterest images (we all do) and you can buy beautiful ready-made bouquets from lots of amazing sites.

But here's the difference. A quality silk floral designer just like a quality fresh flower florist, will take your ideas, colour and favourite flowers and tailor the design to you.

A design that compliments not overshadows your dress and bridal party outfits.

A design that is the correct size for you.

A design that is comfortable to hold and gives you confidence to walk down the aisle.

A design that will look amazing in your pictures for years to come. 

It goes without saying that of course, silk flowers are different to fresh. So check your silk florist knows why and how to finish the stems off in a bouquet.

You may only want your bridal party flowers from a silk florist. Great. Good to go. 

But most silk florists provide more. 

For all your wedding and event needs, most now provide your centrepieces, arches, flower walls.  The list goes on. Choosing one florist who can supply  all your flowers is a good move. 

For one, all your flowers will match.

The style of arrangements will be the same from understated to lavish.

Supplying all your flowers for your wedding or event can take hundreds and hundreds of flowers. Boy do we know. To be able to do this, your florist will have a wholesaler who can supply them with the quantities needed of the same flowers which is difficult when flowers are bought from some well-known websites. This level of quality silk florist ensures continuity across all your arrangements. Time is taken by your florist to source the highest quality possible. A must with silk flowers.

There is a world of difference between making a bouquet and installing your flower wall or arch at your event.

A quality florist will know about balance versus height especially for your centrepieces. Those tables will be constantly knocked and bumped with chairs moving in and out. The less wobbles at your occasion the better.

So what about your flower wall? Your arch? Your backdrop? 

There are lots of cheap stands that can be used but your quality florist will use industry standard structures and probably have very strong arms as those bases weigh a lot! Your florist will also be mindful to covering those bases  so no unsightly metal in your beautiful photos.

OK, something that probably doesn't affect you but that your silk florist should have, is insurance. Things happen and this could make the difference between your florist being able to replenish their stocks quickly or not to fulfill your booking.

We guess a last note is, why a silk florist can be more expensive than if you bought your own flowers and did it yourself. We often speak to clients especially Brides that have started making their own bouquets or centrepieces and have gone into panic mode. 

Don't get us wrong, many are super talented and while some have gone on to opening their own business, some say they would never do it again. Try not to underestimate the considerable time it takes to arrange all your flowers, to cover the chairs and then to get yourself ready.

When you use a quality florist, you are paying for their expertise, skill, creativity, design, and access to the quantity of flowers they will need.

Another reason they can be more expensive, is overheads and while this doesn't really affect a client, we still have to budget these into our prices just like any business. Whether working from home or a shop, a quality florist will  have insurance, a business bank account, probably an accountant, transport insurance, website charges and probably much more.

So, lengthy yes but we hope this helps you to make an informed choice when choosing your silk florist or venue stylist.   



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